TPP On The Ropes, Part 5
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TPP, like other FTAs, is copied and pasted from past FTAs

More text from past American FTAs was copied verbatim into TPP than text from any other country; Japan came in eighth

US share was even higher in chapters where it had a high priority, e.g. nearly 80% of text on investment in past US FDI’s was lifted into TPP’s investment chapter

Since TPP is intended to be the template for future FTAs and to incorporate more and more Pacific countries, including China, this gives US big leg up on others

Meanwhile, it is claimed that TPP would be a big lift to “third arrow” of Abenomics, i.e., structural reform; one purported example is increased FDI

However, TPP makes almost no changes in Japan’s rules regarding inward FDI and the latter are a tiny part of the reason FDI into Japan is so low

Abe may want to use any failure of TPP to explain the lack of structural reforms, but that would be just a self-justifying rationale


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TPP On The Ropes, Part 5

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